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Aileron sets the standard for quality.

It is our mission to offer the most valuable dance experience for all ages and skill levels. There is a wide range of recreational classes to choose from, as well as advanced training & company programs. We set the standard for technique, age-appropriateness, & dancer safety.

It’s a place to be free and do what I love to do. The teachers take the time to pick the details out that you need help with. They have helped me in so many ways.
— Tayler Jackson, Student

A great dance class is a mix of discipline, fun, and creative expression.

Every every class is a new opportunity to learn and experience the beauty of dance. It is the only activity that merges artistry and athleticism into something truly magical. We strive to give every student the chance to reach their full potential.

Don’t miss our 2019 Spring Recital!

Aileron students have done amazing work this year, and this is their time to shine. Support our dancers by attending the show and cheering them on!