Dance Explorers


Creative movement

(Age 2-3)

Creative Movement class designed to introduce dance movement and creative thinking in a fun atmosphere!  Students are encouraged to explore express themselves while improving coordination and basic skills needed to progress in dance.  Students learn a variety of different movement concepts using props, imagery, and imagination.

tiny tumblers

(Age 2-3)

Tiny Tumblers is the earliest introduction to acro! These little ones learn such skills as rolling, jumping, bouncing, and develop the coordination needed for a great foundation in acrobatics. Acro also brings in an element of creativity and dance within the gymnastic skills. This is a must have for the little ones who can’t stop jumping around the house!


Little Wings

Pre-Ballet & Lyrical

(Age 4-5)

Pre-Ballet & Lyrical introduce basic technique and balletic movements to children in a fun and creative atmosphere.  In Ballet students learn terms like plié, tendu, passe, arabesque, the five positions of the feet and arms, and more!  In Lyrical, students learn to put movements together into choreography, and learn how to connect feeling and emotion to music. This class pairs well with Tap & Jazz, giving the students a well rounded foundation in the classics of dance. 

jazz & Tap

(Age 4-5)

Jazz & Tap introduces basic jazz and tap techniques to children in a fun and creative atmosphere.  In Jazz, they will learn to kick, jump, turn, and express themselves in a fun and upbeat way! In Tap, students focus on rhythm and style, learning to feel the music with their feet. This class develops great strength and coordination in the legs and feet, a perfect pairing with the Pre-Ballet & Lyrical class.


(Age 4-5)

Pre-Acro is a fun and energetic class packed with skills, drills, and exciting challenges. Students learn basic acrobatic skills such as rolls, cartwheels, hand stands, back bends, as well as leaps and jumps. Pre-Acro builds the strength, control, and coordination needed to advance to more elaborate movements and tricks taught in Acro. This class is a great third class to pick, as it helps the student progress faster in Ballet & Lyrical and Jazz & Tap. With our FREE third class, this is the perfect opportunity to try Pre-Acro!


Recreational Program


Level II, III

Ballet is the foundation that leads to a strong, aware, and technically sound dancer.  Ballet focuses on strength, alignment, precision, and grace.  Students learn classical ballet positions and movements, which increase coordination.  Ballet gives each and every student the discipline needed to excel in any style of dance. Pre-Pointe it is a preparation for future pointe work, and pointe shoes will not be worn in this class.


Level I, II/III

Acro is a mixture of gymnastics, and dance. Students are challenged to build endurance and power through their gymnastic skills, but also learn many dance skills and movements that pair well with the style of gymnastics. This class is perfect for students who are interested in both gymnastics and dance. Acro is a perfect compliment to Ballet or Contemporary class, as it promotes core strength as well as powerful legs & feet!


Level II, III

Contemporary Dance is known for its sensitivity, passion, and artistry.  Contemporary is a style where students can connect to what it is that makes them unique.  Students develop an understanding of how to move effortlessly while being specific and dynamic.  This class includes a great deal of floor work and leggings are recommended.  


Level I, II, III

Jazz is a high energy class that will build strength, skills, and performance quality. Students learn kicks, jumps, turns, as well as the history and core technique of Jazz.  This class will focus on stamina, flexibility, rhythm, and strength.  These skills will then be paired with transitions, so that each student will learn to flow inside of challenging tricks. 


Level II/III

Tap is all about rhythm and coordination.  It is a dance class with a musical focus, where mastery of small intricate movements enable the student to make music with their feet (with help from tap shoes!).  It is great for any student, deepening their understanding of musicality.  

Acting & Singing

Level I, II

Students will learn how to project their voice, increasing quality, tone, and volume. In order to be a great singer, it is important to learn how to express feeling & emotion, and to tell a story with every performance. Acting & Singing pairs two inseparable skills for the student with a love of musical theatre and broadway style.


Level III (not offered in Summer)

Pointe is offered as part of our Full-Year Curriculum, and is only offere to students age 11+.  Each student will be evaluated in their Ballet class to determine if and when they are ready to move into Pointe work.  Pointe requires a certain level of technique and strength in order to perform safely.  Students will progress in their Pointe skills at the pace that works for them .  Please do not get fitted or purchase pointe shoes until a student is approved for Pointe work by the Ballet teacher and school directors at Aileron Performing Arts Studio.

Hip Hop

Level I, II, III

Hip Hop dance has a vast array of styles and approaches.  In this class, students learn how to accent and contrast sharp and firm movements with soft and subtle ones.  This class will challenge their endurance, strength, and ability to stay closely connected to the beat.  We always, always keep our teaching and costumes age appropriate!


Competition Company

The Aileron Company is by invitation or audition only. The Aileron Company maintains a rigorous curriculum of training that is developed specifically for the needs of competitive and pre-professional dancers. Check out our company page to learn more about what it means to be a company dancer!

If your child is interested in taking their dance skill to the next level, contact us for more information.