Aileron Performing Arts Studio was founded in 2017 to bring the best dance education to the Sandston & New Kent community. It is owned an operated by dancer, teacher, & choreographer Blake Roeder.

What does “Aileron” mean?

Aileron Performing Arts Studio is located in an area once known as the "Elko Tract", a piece of government land used for the war effort during WWII.  Soldiers built a replica of the Richmond Airport (known as the "decoy airfield"), erected fake buildings, and installed lights to mimic the appearance of Richmond from above.  If an attack was imminent, all power to Richmond would be shut off, and Elko, "the lost city" would light up, fooling the enemy into attacking a ghost town. 

To honor this history, we chose the theme of "flight". The word "Aileron" means "little wing" in French.  It refers to a pair of adjustable flaps on the wings of an airplane.  By working in pairs to stabilize flight and maintain balance, ailerons are key parts to keep a plane a loft. In dance, balance and stability are two important qualities that we teach our students.

Aerial View of the Decoy Airfield