Classic Trio (3-5)  

The Classic Trio class is designed to introduce your little one to rhythm, structure, and expression.  In the Classic Trio, we spend time on movements that serve as building blocks for the future.  We use sequences that target balance, coordination, and rhythm. 


Classic Duo (5-7)

The Classic Duo class is designed for those who are ready to take their rhythm, structure, and expression to the next level!  The Classic Duo focuses on two dance styles, which gives a deeper understanding of the fundamental movements, proper placement, and specificity within in each style.


Building Blocks (5-9)

In Building Blocks class, students learn how to maintain strength and flexibility.  Students will learn upbeat exercises that not only improve muscle tone, but also condition the body to be stronger, more flexible, and more resilient.


Power Feet (8-11)
(*Must take Ballet Class in order to enroll) 

Pre Pointe

In Power Feet, the dancer learns the basics of articulating through the foot, building strength to maintain balance, and refining their relevé.  Practicing in this way provides the dancer with the sufficient knowledge to prepare them for Pointe Precision. 


Pointe Precision (12+)
(*Must take Ballet Class in order to enroll)


In Pointe Precision, students will learn the skills necessary to dance on full pointe.  This class is designed for students with previous Ballet experience, and we remain dedicated to each dancer’s safety and readiness to dance in pointe shoes.  In this class, students will learn specific ballet techniques designed to be performed on full pointe.



Backwards, forwards, rolling, jumping, Acro class is flipping with action.  Students will learn basic skills such as: cartwheels, forward rolls, handstands, backbends, and progress to more advanced skills once they are ready.  



Jazz focuses on style, rhythm, and expression.  In Jazz, students learn to embody the music with passion, energy, and a healthy dose of the techniques of Luigi, Bob Fosse, and other contemporary jazz styles.  This class teaches the student how to move across the floor with confidence and power!