The 2018-19 Dress Code will be in effect as of September 15th, 2018.  Dancewear that does not meet the 2018-19 Dress Code requirements will not be permitted after this date.

The Summer Session allows for a wider range of colors and styles in leotards, tights, and leggings.  Summer students coming from other dance studios may wear the dancewear and shoes they already have during this session.  



Dance Explorers: Leotard, Pink Tights, Ballet Shoes.
Pre-Ballet/Tap: Leotard, Pink Tights, Ballet & Tap Shoes.


Ballet/Lyrical: Leotard, Pink Tights, Ballet Shoes.  

Ballet/Contemporary: Leotard, Pink Tights, Ballet Shoes.  

Skills Series 8x: Leotard, Biker Shorts or Leggings, Jazz Shoes or Barefoot.  

Total Technique: Leotard, Biker Shorts or Leggings, Jazz Shoes or Barefoot.  

Acro Jazz:  Leotard, Biker Shorts or Leggings, Barefoot. 

Jazz/Tap Combo:  Leotard, Biker Shorts or Leggings, Tap Shoes, Jazz shoes or Barefoot. 

Tap: Leotard, Biker Shorts or Leggings, Tap Shoes. 

Hip-Hop:  Leotard, Biker Shorts or Leggings, Clean Tennis Shoes or Jazz Shoes.

Voice & Acting:  Leotard, Biker Shorts or Leggings, Barefoot.

*All dance wear can be found online at retailers such as Discount Dance or directly from brands like Capezio or Bloch.  Some dancewear can be found at Ellman's Dancewear in downtown Richmond as well.


Ballet/Contemporary:  Bun or French Twist

Ballet/Lyrical: Bun or French Twist

All Other Classes: Pony Tail, Braid, or pulled back securely away from face.

*Please do not wear jewelry, necklaces, dangling earrings, or other fashion accessories in dance class.  They can be a distraction or cause injury.