What does it mean to be a company dancer?

Being a member of the Aileron Company is an opportunity to take dance to the next level. It means working together, building each other up, and understanding one another in order to perform together as a team.

Performance is an essential part of the dance experience. It takes a sincere connection to one another to perform as a group on stage. Every rehearsal is a new moment for the student to overcome challenges, move past expectations that hold them back, and develop a hunger to keep learning.


What do company dancers learn?

They learn to execute movement in a dynamic way, building stamina to keep raising the bar in every aspect of their training.  

They learn proper alignment, the balance of flexibility and strength, and resilience in their anatomy. This understanding helps them to move intricately through transitions in movement with great agility.

This training builds confidence, commitment, and a strong work ethic inside and outside the classroom.


What is the company schedule like?

Company dancers maintain a rigorous schedule and take several classes per week plus rehearsals. They are constantly honing their technique while adapting to different styles of choreography. They compete in regional dance competitions where they perform solos, duets, trios, and group dances. 


Who is in the company?

Our company is currently comprised of eight dedicated dancers:

  • Catie Bennett

  • Olivia Bennett

  • Delilah Doolittle

  • Tayler Jackson

  • Mikayla Jones

  • Madison McDaniel

  • Alyssa Norton

  • Ashley Wilson


How can I join the company?

Company members are chosen each year by audition or invitation only. 

The next company audition will be held in Spring of 2019. Contact us for more information.