Family Discount:
Combine instruction hours for all students in the family and pay one flat rate!

Ex:  The Johnson family has 3 children who each dance 1 hour per week.  They would pay the 3-hour rate of $160 per Month.



  • Payment is broken down into 10 monthly installments (September - June)

  • Monthly accounts must keep a valid card on file

  • Tuition will be charged to the card on file on the 5th of the month, but may also be paid in cash, credit/debit, or check before the 5th of the month.


  • Payment includes all tuition & fees for 10 month session

  • In-full payments made by September 5, 2018 in cash or check only will receive a 5% discount


  • Registration Fee: $25 per student / $35 per family

  • Recital Fee: $69 per class
    *Includes original choreography, props, accessories & costumes


  • Tuition is based on 35 weeks of dance instruction over 10 months.

  • Tuition & Registration fees are non-refundable

  • Rejected payments will incur a $35 fee

  • If a student withdraws after October 14, 2018, the account holder will be responsible for paying tuition for the remaining months of the session, except in case of medical or special release