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Our dance floors are professionally designed with foam underlayment for shock absorption.  Our dance surface is covered in industry standard vinyl known as "Marley",  which is specially designed for dance training.  It ensures the right balance between traction and slide, making sure all styles of dance can be accommodated safely and efficiently.

Regardless of whether you are a student at Aileron, it is vital that your child's dance studio has shock absorbing floors and proper surfaces.  We would love to have you at our school, but we care first and foremost about safety.  This is the industry standard, and an extremely important factor in choosing where to study dance!

If you are on the fence about choosing a dance studio for your child, make sure you ask about the quality of the floor, and whether your child's joints are protected from long-term damage.  When dancers train on non-shock-absorbing floors, they are prone to stress fractures, inflammation, and a greater chance of injury from falls and slips.

With Aileron, you can trust that you are getting a great dance education from the ground up. Literally!



Aileron Performing Arts Studio is owned and operated by husband and wife duo Blake & Stephanie Roeder. Blake and Stephanie grew up dancing from the age of 3 at Ann Catherine Cross School of Dance, and attended college together at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. They both graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Contemporary Dance. Blake went on to receive his Master of Fine Arts Degree in Dance from Hollins University. 

We are all about quality.  We have learned from many of the best teachers in the world, and are honored to pass our knowledge on to the next generation.

Dance teaches confidence, coordination, and amazing physical fitness. But above everything, it teaches strength of character, and shows each student that they can be greater than they thought possible. 

Dance opens doors, and unleashes the power that each child has within them. Over years of teaching, we have seen how the lessons of dance can lead to success in other aspects of life. Movement is healthy for the body and mind!

If you want to feel inspired, and know that your child's education is the top priority, choose Aileron.



The tradition of dance is inclusive and can teach anyone to align with that which has been passed down through the generations. 

Here at Aileron, we believe in tradition. We believe in the classics and the lineage of dance, which we have studied and learn to hold great reverence for. We believe through dance training, the mind then expands to find new possibilities. If a powerful mind connects to a powerful body to learn new ways of moving, potential is limitless. 

We believe that by keeping our teaching modern to our time, we stay connected to relevant changes and new advances in our art form, but with a firm grounding of class, self-respect, and modesty. We want to keep the discipline and love for the art alive while bringing in our own skills. 

Our edge keeps us closely connected to the students, up to date with our training, and attentive to your needs with sharp awareness and communication. 

We are tradition with a modern edge.